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Significant advantages of aluminum extruded profiles
Less machining: because the aluminum alloy can be extruded into any complex section, therefore, as long as the design is reasonable, extruded aluminum alloy profile material can also be easily assembled, thus reducing the need for machining.
Some shapes can only be obtained by extrusion and cannot be achieved by other processes.Aluminum extrusion die low cost: compared with other competitive materials rolling molding, casting, forging, aluminum extrusion die cost is lower.

High structural efficiency: Aluminum extruded profiles can achieve maximum structural efficiency.
Use name profiles where you need to increase strength, and remove aluminum profiles where you don't.

Light weight: extruded aluminum profiles are light, strong and durable. Because of the difference in performance between aluminum and competing materials, the aluminum structure that achieves the same result weighs only about half as much as the other metal structures, and the other metals are not as easy to work.

The surface treatment is versatile and corrosion resistant: with powder or electrophoretic coating, the designer can achieve any desired color.
Also include natural silver or color anodized film.

Low maintenance: aluminum is a naturally durable metal and the above surface treatment enhances its durability.