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The 15th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opened in Shanghai
Aluminum Road Network] On July 10th, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, was grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Mr. Chen Quanxun, President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Mr. Zheng Zhisheng, President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China, Mr. Jiang Chuan, Director of Raw Materials Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and Vice President of Chinalco Group, Binzhou City, Shandong Innovation Metal Technology, Nobel Leaders of Lisi (China), International Aluminum Association, Global Aluminum Foil Producers Initiative, and Japan Aluminum Association attended the opening ceremony. With a total exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, the event will attract more than 600 well-known exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and more than 25,000 professional visitors and buyers will visit and purchase. The Aluminum Packaging and Sustainability Forum, held on the afternoon of the 10th, invited leaders and related leaders of the International Aluminum Association (IAI), the Aluminum Industry Management Initiative (ASI), the Global Aluminum Foil Producers Initiative (GLAFRI), and packaging application companies. Discuss the significance of aluminum packaging for sustainable development.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the aluminum industry and the continuous innovation and expansion of downstream applications, some aluminum industry segments have grown and expanded rapidly. In this exhibition, the “Aluminum Packaging Exhibition Area” and “Lightweight Innovation Achievement Display Area” are two positioning and accurate display areas, showing the new atmosphere of the aluminum industry. The aluminum packaging display area focuses on the products and applications of aluminum materials in packaging, covering many aspects of industrial aluminum foil, packaging aluminum foil and aluminum foil industrial technology applications. At the same time, the European Aluminum Foil Innovation Awards products and domestic top aluminum packaging products are unveiled together to share the leading packaging processing technology at home and abroad. The Lightweight Innovation Achievements Showcase brings together 29 outstanding companies, focusing on the field of automotive lightweighting* with cutting-edge outstanding innovative products and applications, sharing automotive lightweight high-tech and cutting-edge technology, demonstrating the high-precision of aluminum in the field of automotive lightweighting. Pointer effect. In order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary, this year's show launched a series of 15th anniversary celebrations. The W3 Pavilion has set up a special exhibition area for the 15th anniversary review. Through video and the timeline of the fifteen-year event, we will sort out the development history of the exhibition for 15 years, and tell the story of the aluminum industry in a detailed and affectionate way.

At the same time, the aluminum foil dress display of the W3 Pavilion's aluminum and art display area attracted a large number of visitors. All the dresses are made by well-known German designers. The whole dress is made of aluminum foil material. The shape is elegant and elegant, and it is very tailored. It is very eye-catching. Coupled with the vivid interpretation of the model, the aluminum foil dress is more beautiful. Other aluminum art in the aluminum and art exhibition area also fully demonstrates the application innovation downstream of the industrial chain, providing new ideas for the sustainable development of aluminum materials. This exhibition occupied the four major exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center W1-W4, and the first time the W1-W3 pavilion was opened. More than 600 well-known exhibitors will gather here, and various theme forums and events will be held here. W1 is a boutique of aluminum and equipment, bringing together well-known companies at home and abroad, such as: Parrotk, Prati, Wagstaff, SMS, Jinqiao, Australia, Danieli, RHI, Giant, Yunhai, Toshiba Mitsubishi, Hycast, AMAG, Kenlian, etc. At the same time, the W1 Pavilion also has a German exhibition area. W2 Hall is an aluminum rolling products and equipment hall. Well-known enterprises include: Mingtai, Innovation, Fuengshi, Yongjie, Wanda, Wantong and so on. The W3 Pavilion is an aluminum extrusion product and equipment hall, attracting well-known companies including: Chinalco, Security, Sunshine, Gree, and Nikko Metal. The W4 Pavilion is the Asian Automobile Lightweight Exhibition Pavilion, and the Logistics and Commercial Vehicle Innovation Development Forum and Exhibition is also held in this hall. Well-known enterprises in the museum include: Novelis, Hongqiao, Baosteel, Shuangyi, Dewei, PTG, and Fusway. The fourteen years of experience have made China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition grow in innovation. At the beginning of the fifteenth anniversary of the exhibition, the brand influence of the exhibition remains the same, but the innovation has not stopped at a slight pace. In 2019, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition is still full of new ideas and a lot of things to watch. More exciting, all in the 2019 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition.
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