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Recent aluminum market analysis
Recently, the overall price of the aluminum industry market is not very optimistic, and China's aluminum market is showing a weak downward trend. Analysis of the price of aluminum in recent days, all regions have shown a downward trend, upstream prices fell, the state of downstream receiving is not optimistic, most businesses still hold a wait-and-see attitude. According to the data of aluminum-melted nets, the spot market has maintained a weak operating trend recently, and the demand for receiving goods is weak; the price of alumina has risen again, and the cost has risen; the stocks of exchanges have fallen back. In the current context of tight liquidity, some investors shorted the smelter profits during the policy vacuum period on the supply side, coupled with the appearance of some value-preserving discs, which caused the price to rebound, and the aluminum price may fluctuate downward in the short term. . Yesterday, the market created a meeting in Xinjiang Autonomous Region to clean up the illegal production capacity. The intraday trading also rebounded but not large, indicating that the market is pessimistic about the implementation of the capacity-removal policy. From the perspective of the overall aluminum price trend, the short-term continuation of the shock situation, from the disk perspective, the probability of a weak shock situation is relatively large, but near the support point below, the medium-term trend is weak; the short-term large increase in confidence is not large, the industry funds are empty Single small reduction. According to the aluminum melting network, the support under the disk is still effective and the macro environment is in a good position. Therefore, it is not recommended to short the short-term support. According to market big data analysis, aluminum prices will continue to be weak in the short term, so it is recommended to wait and see in the near future, there is short selling pressure. In the long run, Aluminium believes that with the continued implementation of supply-side reforms and the gradual emergence of environmental costs, the corresponding market will cause a certain amount of stimulus. Therefore, on the whole, it is expected that the overall environment of aluminum prices will show an upward trend in the future, and the long-term development of China's aluminum market is still optimistic.

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