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3d printer box case
New Zealand 3D printer box project
The entire set up of the printer box not only USES 20 series of industrial aluminum, but also USES a variety of accessories. The classic combination of industrial profiles and accessories forms a beautiful 3d printer box.
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Design Scheme:
3d printer box, 3d printer frame
20 series of industrial aluminum, various accessories
6063 T5
July 2019
50 tons
Product advantages:
1. Easy construction: industrial aluminum profile has modular and multi-functional, no need for professional design and processing, can quickly frame the ideal table. Easy assembly, no welding required.
2. Beautiful and practical shape: aluminum profile is light in quality and high in rigidity, simple in appearance, bright and silver, no need of paint, in line with modern aesthetics.
3. Strong extensibility: unique trapezoid and groove design, no need to remove profile when adding components, installation link can be seen in any position, if the table needs to modify it is very convenient and fast.
4. Wide range of application: used in the workbench of factory and office, transfer vehicle, container, maintenance platform, etc.; Equipment frame, bracket, door, industrial automation equipment, etc.
The use of these frames reduces the use of wood, protects the environment, and is extremely lightweight.

Customer feedback:
This is our third cooperation with hua Yang aluminum. After so many years of contact, we all cooperate very tacit understanding.
The sales staff of hua Yang aluminum company is very responsible for the whole product procurement and installation.
From the product requirements, assembly parts and installation recommendations, reflecting the company's professional level.