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Shandong Samsung Group participated in the "World High-end Aluminum Summit · 2019" highlights
On April 28th, the World High-end Aluminum Summit·2019 was grandly opened in Binzhou. The theme of this summit is “New Kinetic Energy, New Intelligence, New Aluminum Process”. The summit was hosted by Binzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, supported by International Aluminum Association and China Nonferrous Metals Association, and undertaken by Shandong Aluminum Association. More than 700 leaders in the aluminum industry, experts and scholars, and business elites gathered in Binzhou to share opportunities and cooperate with each other to seize the commanding heights and create a new future in the development of the aluminum industry. Shandong Aluminum Group's aluminum precision deep processing industry sectors, Yuhang Alloy and Minghang Automobile, were invited to participate in the exhibition, which concentrated on the high-tech products of the company, and signed the project on the morning of the 29th, which was widely concerned by the guests.

The reporter learned that since the beginning of the Binzhou aluminum industry in 2001, after the burgeoning and development, the aluminum ore, primary aluminum, industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum deep processing industry chain have been gradually formed, and 67 aluminum-related enterprises above the scale, 2018 The main business income was 330.41 billion yuan, which became a banner of Chinalco. Into the world is to better leverage the development, based on the present to create unlimited possibilities. The World High-end Aluminum Summit·2019 is the “first move” for Binzhou to build a world-class high-end aluminum industry base. The purpose is to showcase Binzhou’s basic advantages at home and abroad, and to pass on the confidence of Binzhou to the world, and to share the broadness of Binzhou in various fields. Prospects, gathering industry colleagues, invites expert elites, and recruits social capital to jointly guide and participate in the joint construction of the world's high-end aluminum industry base. The summit will last for one and a half days, including guests' meetings, summit opening ceremony, summit forum, and economic and trade negotiations. It is a grand event in which technology, capital, projects and other factors are actively surging. It is a grand gathering of wisdom, collision ideas and win-win cooperation. It will definitely have an important and far-reaching impact on the development of Binzhou Aluminum and even the whole country and the global aluminum industry. influences.
After the opening ceremony, under the guidance of the conference's commentator, the guests led the guests to visit the concentrated display area of ​​the enterprises included in the Binzhou Aluminum Industry Cluster. In the exhibition area of ​​Shandong Yuhang Special Alloy Equipment Co., Ltd., the guests presented to Yuhang. The conductive rails, battery trays, aviation profiles, aluminum alloy tankers and other products have been highly praised, indicating that Yuhang Alloy, as a strong force in Binzhou Aluminum, has made outstanding achievements in building high-end aluminum profiles, and hopes that the company will continue to increase its innovation drive. Strength, and make new contributions to regional coordinated development.
On the morning of April 29, Shandong Yuhang Special Alloy Equipment Co., Ltd. signed an on-site contract for the aluminum-related enterprise supply chain financial cooperation project and the new energy vehicle battery pack project at the economic and trade forum.

It is understood that Shandong Yuhang Special Alloy Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shandong Samsung Group, is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of various high-end aluminum profiles. At present, the company has a strong development momentum in the fields of aerospace, rail transit, automotive products, etc. Among them, conductive rail products account for more than 60% of the domestic market share; R&D and production of ultra-high strength and corrosion-resistant 7055 aluminum alloy sheets have been successfully applied to large scales. Passenger aircraft manufacturing; new energy vehicle battery tray, compared with the same area of ​​steel battery tray, can reduce weight by two-thirds, and has the advantages of high strength, good plasticity, energy saving and environmental protection. As an extension industry of Yuhang Alloy, Minghang Automobile has produced various types of lightweight transportation vehicles that have sailed to the north and south of the motherland and achieved good social and economic benefits.
The relevant person in charge of Shandong Samsung Group said that it will take the opportunity of “World High-end Aluminum Summit·2019” to strengthen interoperability with the world aluminum industry, continue to intensify research and innovation, update the management concept with the times, and stick to the green The road to development will accelerate the construction of a world-class high-end aluminum industry base in Binzhou and make new contributions to the high-quality development of Shandong Aluminum.

At the same time, the aluminum foil dress display of the W3 Pavilion's aluminum and art display area attracted a large number of visitors. All the dresses are made by well-known German designers. The whole dress is made of aluminum foil material. The shape is elegant and elegant, and it is very tailored. It is very eye-catching. Coupled with the vivid interpretation of the model, the aluminum foil dress is more beautiful. Other aluminum art in the aluminum and art exhibition area also fully demonstrates the application innovation downstream of the industrial chain, providing new ideas for the sustainable development of aluminum materials. This exhibition occupied the four major exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center W1-W4, and the first time the W1-W3 pavilion was opened. More than 600 well-known exhibitors will gather here, and various theme forums and events will be held here. W1 is a boutique of aluminum and equipment, bringing together well-known companies at home and abroad, such as: Parrotk, Prati, Wagstaff, SMS, Jinqiao, Australia, Danieli, RHI, Giant, Yunhai, Toshiba Mitsubishi, Hycast, AMAG, Kenlian, etc. At the same time, the W1 Pavilion also has a German exhibition area. W2 Hall is an aluminum rolling products and equipment hall. Well-known enterprises include: Mingtai, Innovation, Fuengshi, Yongjie, Wanda, Wantong and so on. The W3 Pavilion is an aluminum extrusion product and equipment hall, attracting well-known companies including: Chinalco, Security, Sunshine, Gree, and Nikko Metal. The W4 Pavilion is the Asian Automobile Lightweight Exhibition Pavilion, and the Logistics and Commercial Vehicle Innovation Development Forum and Exhibition is also held in this hall. Well-known enterprises in the museum include: Novelis, Hongqiao, Baosteel, Shuangyi, Dewei, PTG, and Fusway. The fourteen years of experience have made China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition grow in innovation. At the beginning of the fifteenth anniversary of the exhibition, the brand influence of the exhibition remains the same, but the innovation has not stopped at a slight pace. In 2019, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition is still full of new ideas and a lot of things to watch. More exciting, all in the 2019 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition.
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