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Country's automotive lightweight aluminum profiles have broad development space
Country's automotive lightweight aluminum profiles have broad development space
Horizontal comparison: As of 2016, the average level of aluminum used in a single car in the world is 170 kg, while the domestic aluminum consumption is only about 130 kg. There is a broad room for improvement in the amount of aluminum used in a single car in my country. As far as the world is concerned, in 2015, the foreign automobile industry used about 7.5 million tons of aluminum, accounting for about 25.7% of aluminum consumption; while my country’s automotive aluminum was only 3.2 million tons, accounting for less than 10% of my country’s aluminum consumption. The ratio is significantly lower. Longitudinal comparison: According to the "Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap", my country's automobiles will reach the target of reducing weight by 10%, 20%, and 35% compared with 2015 in 2020, 2025, and 2030, respectively. In order to accomplish this goal, the amount of aluminum used in automobiles in my country will continue to grow.

Calculated according to the roadmap

                          Estimated use of automotive lightweight aluminum profiles (10,000 tons)
A. Transportation materials Aluminum profiles have broad application prospects in the field of transportation. In terms of logistics and transportation, aluminum profiles can be used to make ordinary and special container bodies to reduce weight, increase the payload of container trucks and cold chain vehicles, and improve transportation efficiency; in rail transportation, aluminum alloy can be used to make seats inside trains , Partition doors and other carrying parts, some models of aluminum alloy can be used to make the train body. As my country's economy continues to develop, the demand for transportation will continue to grow, and the application of aluminum profiles in transportation will continue to increase. B. Materials for mechanical equipment The mechanical equipment industry includes various sub-sectors such as automation equipment, power equipment, mechanical processing, metallurgy and chemical industry. After years of development, my country's machinery and equipment industry has formed an industrial system with a complete range of categories, a large scale, and a relatively high level of technology, and has become an important pillar industry of the national economy. At present, China is in a critical period of expanding domestic demand, accelerating infrastructure construction and industrial transformation and upgrading, and there is a huge market demand for machinery and equipment. Aluminum has the characteristics of easy recycling and conforms to the concept of "easy to recycle and reusable resources"; while maintaining good performance, it has a relatively low cost compared to copper and other precious metals, and its environmental performance and cost-effectiveness are outstanding. In recent years, the replacement of aluminum for steel and aluminum for copper manufacturing machinery and equipment components have continued to grow, and aluminum profiles have broad development space in the field of machinery and equipment. C, other In addition, aluminum profiles can also be used in consumer electronics, telecommunications, furniture and bathroom, medical equipment and other fields, with a wide range of downstream applications. With the steady growth of downstream application areas and the increase of aluminization rate in the future, the demand for aluminum profiles will increase rapidly. The investment in fixed assets in my country's manufacturing industry has maintained sustained growth for many years. Since 2019, despite a series of uncertainties in the international situation, my country's manufacturing fixed asset investment has continued to increase steadily, and my country's status as a world factory has been further consolidated.

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