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Henan Huayang Aluminum Industry Aluminum Profile Horizontal Spraying Line
Henan Huayang Aluminum's horizontal sprayed aluminum profiles adopt advanced automatic electrostatic powder spraying technology, and the sprayed profiles produced
It has the advantages of uniform coating, not easy to leak, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good adhesion, uniform coating hardness, and small color difference. However, the vertical spraying profile has the disadvantages of easy bottom leakage and variegated colors. Because it is produced continuously, the uniformity of the coating is poorer than that of the horizontal type. In particular, the curing furnace is very deep, it is difficult to control the temperature uniformly when the product is cured after spraying, and it is difficult to guarantee the coating adhesion and hardness uniformity. Therefore, the horizontal spraying profile has better surface treatment quality than the vertical one.
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