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the era of aluminum alloy profiles comes in full swing
In recent days, Tesla, Azera, Xiaopeng and other new forces in car manufacturing have shone a report card. 2020, Tesla produced and delivered a total of about 500,000 electric vehicles, of which the production of 509,737 units, the delivery of 499,550 units. Domestic new energy head car companies, December sales are also generally a record high again; Azera delivered 7007 units in December, a record high number of single-month deliveries for five consecutive months; Ideal Auto announced that the Ideal ONE delivered 6126 units in December, up 529.6% year-on-year, setting a new record for single-month deliveries again; Xiaopeng Auto reached 5700 deliveries in December, a record best ever.

The agency said, new energy vehicles on lightweight demand is extremely urgent, pure electric car weight for every 10kg reduction, range can be increased by 2.5km. tesla and azure car lightweight leading the industry, BYD, BAIC new energy, Geely Automobile and other traditional car companies have also increased the light weight layout. Driven by energy-saving and emission reduction policies and accelerated electrification, the lightweighting of automobiles is accelerating, among which chassis lightweighting is the new blue ocean, with the penetration rate of aluminum battery box, subframe, control arm and steering knuckle increasing, while thermoformed body parts are also beginning to be used on a large scale. At present, the most mainstream lightweight materials are high-strength steel and aluminum alloy materials. In 2020, high-strength steel and aluminum alloy will occupy more than 85% of the automotive lightweight market, of which aluminum alloy accounts for nearly 65%.

Among the listed companies.

Mingtai Aluminum can produce aluminum products for automotive lightweight such as automotive plates, fuel tank materials, new energy battery trays, automotive radiators, etc. The estimated output and sales volume of automotive lightweight and transportation industry in 2020 is about 210,000 tons, accounting for about 22% of the company's aluminum sheet and foil production.

Wencan has made a breakthrough in the field of aluminum alloy die casting (motor shell, battery box tray) and aluminum alloy body structure parts for new energy vehicles, supplying aluminum alloy body structure parts for Tesla, Azera, Mercedes-Benz, Xiaopeng and GAC AION, supplying motor shell for VW MEB models and supplying battery box tray for Mercedes-Benz.
Nanshan Aluminum has a current production capacity of 100,000 tons of automotive plates, and another project under construction "technical transformation of automotive lightweight aluminum plate and strip production line" with a production capacity of 100,000 tons.

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