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Industry aluminum profile for table
Suitable for industrial aluminum profiles of various tables
Industrial aluminum profiles for tables, 3D printers,computer desk and frames used in industrial machinery.
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Design Scheme:
6063 6061
Mill / Anodized silver or black
Customized service
Product description
1. Can be designed according to customer's design, the appearance is beautiful, and can be assembled quickly.
2. The aluminum frame is very stable, can provide you with the most suitable size according to your use.
3. The aluminum frame can be used in a wide range of applications, such as 3D printers, shelves, desks, etc.
Customer feedback:
This is our third cooperation with hua Yang aluminum. After so many years of contact, we all cooperate very tacit understanding.
The sales staff of hua Yang aluminum company is very responsible for the whole product procurement and installation.
From the product requirements, assembly parts and installation recommendations, reflecting the company's professional level.