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Household items-Closet door handle
Brushed aluminum alloy handle for Furniture wardrobe
The aluminum alloy handle is perfectly combined with various accessories (bolts and nuts, connecting plates, etc.), light and beautiful, and is loved by many people
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Design Scheme:
6063 T5 Brushed,Matte,
aluminum alloy handle, accessorie
Furniture wardrobe
50 tons
October 2020
Product description
1. The design and processing of aluminum alloy handles into different kinds of furniture accessories,
For example, cabinets, wardrobes, etc.
First, the appearance is beautiful. Compared with the appearance of traditional steel welding, it can be said that the appearance and appearance of the overall equipment has been improved;

2. Ease of installation and disassembly is an advantage over traditional wooden handles.

3. Clean and environmentally friendly, as long as the new industrial aluminum profile oxide material has strong high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and can greatly reduce long-term costs
Customer feedback:
This is our third cooperation with hua Yang aluminum. After so many years of contact, we all cooperate very tacit understanding.
The sales staff of hua Yang aluminum company is very responsible for the whole product procurement and installation.
From the product requirements, assembly parts and installation recommendations, reflecting the company's professional level.