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Customized Extruison Aluminum Heat Sink For Computers
aluminum extrusion profile
General heat sink in use to electronic components and heat sink contact surface coated with a layer of heat-conductive silicone grease, so that the heat emitted by the components more effectively conducted to the heat sink, and then distributed to the surrounding air by the heat sink.
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Design Scheme:
electronic components
Customized Extruison Aluminum Heat Sink For Computers
6063 T5 Black anodized
50 tons
Products Used
Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink
This is an excellent heat dissipation material widely used in modern heat dissipation, most of the industry use 6063 T5 high quality aluminum, its purity can reach more than 98%, its strong thermal conductivity, small density, cheap price so it has been favored by major manufacturers. Based on the thermal resistance value of Intel and AMD CPUs and their heat generation considerations, aluminum extrusion manufacturers develop corresponding molds, heat the aluminum ingot to a certain temperature, so that its physical form is changed, and then out of the mold we want to get a variety of heat sink raw materials; then cut, cut grooves, grinding, deburring, cleaning, surface treatment can be used.
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