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Equipment frame-computer desk frame
3030 4040T Slot industrial aluminum profile for computer desk frame
Industrial aluminum profile is combined with a variety of accessories (corner brackets, bolts and nuts, cover, connecting plate, etc.) and assembled into a computer desktop frame. It is light and beautiful
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Design Scheme:
6063 T5 Silver anodized
3030/4040 T slot aluminum, accessories
computer desk frame
450 tons
October 2020
Product description

1. Industrial aluminum profiles are designed and processed into frame structures of different equipment, For example, computer desk frame, workbench, etc. First of all, the appearance is beautiful and beautiful. Compared with the appearance of traditional steel welding, it can be said that the appearance and appearance of the overall equipment are upgraded;
2. Ease of installation and disassembly is a prominent advantage in the application of industrial aluminum profiles, which can be quickly assembled,
3. Cost saving, industrial aluminum profile installation is quick and convenient, saving labor costs; 4. Clean and environmentally friendly, as long as new, industrial aluminum profile oxide material has strong high temperature and corrosion resistance, and the long-term cost can be reduced a lot October
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