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Aluminum furniture case
All aluminum furniture aluminum profile project and customized aluminum alloy handle project
Mainly used for cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, customized throughout the house.
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Design Scheme:
Brand new zero formaldehyde full aluminum environmental protection household products.
Furniture aluminum profile
6000 series aluminum alloy
March 2019
50 tons
Product advantages:
1. Strong corrosion resistance: it adopts two processes of cold and hot, with strong corrosion resistance.
2. Beautiful and practical shape: aluminum profile is light in quality and high in rigidity, simple in appearance, bright and silver, no need of paint, in line with modern aesthetics.
3. No pollution: green environmental protection, zero formaldehyde. No metal contamination, no toxicity, no volatile metals in the surface oxidation layer.
4. Especially strong antibacterial, no odor.
5. Innovative concept, scientific design, aluminum alloy structure highlight value
6. Simple process, easy installation, recyclable and lifetime guarantee.

Customer feedback:
This is our third cooperation with hua Yang aluminum. After so many years of contact, we all cooperate very tacit understanding.
The sales staff of hua Yang aluminum company is very responsible for the whole product procurement and installation.
From the product requirements, assembly parts and installation recommendations, reflecting the company's professional level.